Second to last in letters series on Nathan’s blog

The next to last letters are posted on Nathan’s blog (note: I have removed this link because Nathan took his blog down several years after this post was written), as Mandy and I swap tester mods of our creations in progress. I’m not done with Forest Walk yet, but the bulk of the formula is done.

The photos posted here show what it looks like around my cottage this time of year; the oaks are leafing out and the grass is still lush, creating a bright spring green scene. My cottage is on a fairly steep slope, with the back side far above ground level, offering a great view of the vineyards nearby and hills beyond. The upward hill on the front side is where I’ve planted my little garden, behind the safety of the deer fence. I just saw the family of three deer again recently (the Mom and her now teen-aged babies that we watched grow up last summer). It’s fun to have the same families here for generations.

I’m working on the Champagne reformulation. I can get quite close to the original even with my new labdanum substituted in the formula, but I also have a take-off that is more floral with more jasmine, as well as some natural oakmoss and other ingredients added. I am blank on names that would tie in to Champagne but reflect the more floral nature of this one.

I need to send some testers out, but I’ve been really busy with paperwork, taxes, orders, and some website updates. I added some soft botanical borders to the main level web pages; I’ve always wanted to add more botanical touches without being distracting, and I thought those black sidebar areas offered an opportunity. If anyone has any trouble with pages loading just let me know.

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  1. Grammatically incorrect, I know, but ‘Fleur de Champgne’ is the very highest grade of Champagne, sort of like Grand Cru, IIRC.

    1. That’s an interesting idea! I just looked it up and the soft, fruity peach notes would fit too (this mod has soft peachy jasmine lactones).

      1. Well, that beats the name I had in mind for it! It’s lovely, and doesn’t restrict you to only focusing in on the Jasmin notes.

  2. I always love your pictures! We have two, huge oak trees in our yard, and I just love them. I hope you post some pictures of Mama deer and her babes.

    Another “name” thought for your new fragrance…”Bellini.”


    1. Thanks! Another person suggested Bellini too, and that’s a great idea too. It might imply more peach than this has though. I’ll need some Bellini and Champagne experts to sniff this! I’m always so grateful for all the wonderful help here on the blog when I get stuck thinking of names.

    1. Thanks, Tara! I love Fleur de Champagne and think that might be the one if testers agree that it fits. I need to make tester samples now. It’ll be exciting to finish Forest Walk, get Champagne back on the list, and introduce a new twist on Champagne!

  3. The pictures are breathtaking. I can see where you get your inspiration from! I love the idea of a twist on CdB with soft fruity peach notes. I had the original CdB but had to gift it to a dear friend because my husband (who hates perfume 🙁 ) reacted so violently when I wore it on Christmas. But perhaps this new one you are working on may be a bit milder? I am wearing your egyptian musk now and it has been very successful with those around me who are sensitive to fragrance.

    1. Hi B! Yes, I remember you said your hubby was very sensitive to fragrances and that EM worked since he couldn’t smell it. The take-off on CdB is much softer than the original, so far anyway. I’m thinking of taking it farther astray by adding osmanthus, which seems nice in it. We’ll see where this leads me. 🙂 Thanks for input!

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