Schedule Update

I had a great interview today and have a helper starting Wed. I’ll push the shopping cart date out from Wed the 29th to Fri the 1st to give us a couple days to get started together. She has a lot of bookkeeping experience and I’m excited that she can help me keep up with paperwork better. She can also help with sample making and order packing.

On Friday I’ll put up samples and bottles of all scents that do not involve the moss conversion, and then over the next few weeks I’ll complete those conversions and add those scents one by one. The new scents Tabac Aurea and Lieu de Reves do not involve moss, so they’ll go back up Friday (for those who didn’t get a chance to purchase them before the break).


Updated to add: Most of the scents will be available again on Friday. The ones that will be coming later with the new moss are Winter Woods, Fireside intense, Ambre Noir, and Encens Tranquille. The first two of those should be back shortly. Those four scents tend to be more wintery choices so I’m hoping this is a good time of year to have them briefly off the list…

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  1. Thanks Jo! Yes! She seems to be a great fit but we’ll see how it goes when she comes today. I feel guilty she has so much catching up on the books since I’ve not had time to do my downloads in several months, but she’s probably seen worse. It will be so good to get some help to keep up.

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