Schedule Update

I plan to put the shopping cart back up Thursday (tomorrrow), probably in the late afternoon. I still have many things to do, but I did acomplish a lot over the last week and really needed that opportunity. I made good progress on taxes but am not quite done yet.

I’m now restocking things that are low. Opal will be out-of-stock when I put the cart up, but I have a new scent to add to the lotion list and later in edp too: Amberwood. It is a woodsy amber with sandalwood, a more traditional amber than Ambre Noir. I’m starting with lotion for this scent because I want to take time to send a few testers of the edp out before adding the edp to the site, but it seems like a yummy addition to me. In lotion form it could make a great layering option. Encens Tranquille is not ready to add back to the list yet but is coming soon. I’ll go ahead and open though and Encens will be top of the priority list.

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