Scent Update

I apologize that Champagne de Bois is currently out of stock.  I have been using a different labdanum absolute in that scent than in my others, and it requires more pre-processing.  I’m out of the processed product that I make from the resin (I just have more of the solid resin), so I need to either make more from the resin or convert the formula to the newer labdanum, which is less solid, cleaner, and quicker to process. I just haven’t had time yet but will get to it.  The two labdanums are similar in scent, but I think the second one is a little sweeter so I’ll need to adjust the formula when I make the switch.

I also have several new scents in the works besides the ones listed on the site.  And I will get back to Creme de Bois and Reves. I can offer samples of the original Creme de Bois, but I wanted to see if I can make it a bit less sweet before adding it back to the list.  It is quite yummy as is, and the sweetness is offset by the woods, but I had a few ideas in mind just to try…

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