Scent Update

I’ve not had much time for blending the last few days, but I did test and adjust Bouquet Blanche. I need to send some testers soon on that one. I’ve only heard back from 4 of 6 testers on the last ET; two liked it a lot but two found it a tad on the dry side. I get sweetness from the sandalwood accord, the cistus/labdanum, the vanilla, and the light touch of musk, so I hesitate to add more sweetness to it. Though it’s not overly dry to me in the non-sweet sense, it is on the dry side in the non-wet sense. It has some dusty notes from the incense, cedar, and ambers, so I am trying higher levels of a few of the elements that add some “juiciness” without adding sweetness. The mod previous to this one had more musk and had vanillin instead of the vanilla absolute I am using in it now, and those two changes reduced sweetness a bit (the vanilla absolute is a more woodsy, slightly drier vanilla note than synthetic vanillin).

My new 1 oz bottles shipped on Monday and will arrive on the 21st at a port not too far from us. I’m not sure how long after that I’ll actually have them in my hands, but it’s getting closer now. I’m keeping up with orders — it’s great to have help a few days a week with filling samples and bottles and packing orders.

My plum tree is in full bloom and the daffodils are peaking. Those two things always signify that spring is on its way. Unfortunately, the weeds are also happily growing!

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  1. Hi Laurie,
    I’m very excited to try BB. I have been interested in it since the very beginning. I have a bottle of the Gardenia Musk #26 from the beginning so I’m really looking forward to smelling the nearly completed version of it. It sounds great and it has been fun following the progression of it. It sounds so wonderful where you live and then to do what you do with fragrance would just be the best!

    1. Hi Beth,

      Just testing today and need to make another adjustment, but I’m happy with how this is going. I think I may do two scents based on this — the Bouquet Blanche floral and a scent with more musk that would be a more traditional floral musk and more like the #26 you like. We’ll see, but it looks like it could be easy to do that. I think I’m quite close now. I’d especially like to send you a tester of the second variation when it is ready.

  2. Hi Mals, me too! I just worked on it the last few days and in addition to the light moss note I added some very subtle leather notes. It seems really nice to me. I’ve been struggling to come up with a base that holds my interest, and this is more like it, lol. I can try to do a simpler floral as well, but this is moving toward a complex white floral with a woodsy base that has some more zip to it. I’ll need to have a few testers see what it does for them.

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