Scent Update

I have a reformulation of Winter Woods that I like better than the original because the new labdanum is drier and prettier to my nose and the new moss fits right in. I have two slight variations on it, one that is quite close to the original in the drydown and the other that is a little different but quite nice too. I think I’ll stick with the one that is closest to the original, but I may send both out for a few opinions before deciding for sure and adding it back to the site.

I also have a couple options on Ambre Noir and like them better than the original as well, for the same reason: the new labdanum is really nice! It makes the scent a little smoother and prettier, but still very similar to before. The new moss works great here too.

Still testing things on Gardenia Musk. If I’m lucky this project may result in two scents, but we’ll see. It’s been a challenge to develop a base I like because it needs to be soft enough to let the florals shine in the first few hours but be interesting enough to carry the scent after the florals soften. I’ve come up with lots of floral accords that I love for the first two hours, but I haven’t been totally sold on the base note combinations I’ve tried yet.

I also hit a bump in the road with the new helper, who couldn’t be reliable about coming. So, I’m back on my own for now. Hope you’ll be patient with me. I’m keeping up with orders but that means the blending of the reformulations goes a bit slower. I’m making progress though and am really pleased that these seem better to me than the originals so far, though not too different. This labdanum is a joy.

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  1. Thanks, Jo. I thought that might have been too easy a search. She did a great job with the work when she came but wasn’t showing up. I don’t understand that, being the sort of person I am, but I’m moving on… May call the next two on my list to ask for refs, will see.

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