Scent List Updates

I wanted to give a little more background info for what I’m working on now.  Several online boutiques have shown interest in carrying my scents, but I’m making myself wait until I have my scent list the way I want it before selling to boutiques.  My scent list had become a bit too long and I wanted to pare it down to focus on some of the most special scents.  Also, I keep finding great new ingredients (some naturals and some synthetics), and then I see how I could incorporate them into previous scents.  I thought I’d take this opportunity now before I start to wholesale to update some of my scents and work some new ingredients into them.  After this is done, I’ll lock these formulas and will only put new ingredients into new scents, even when I get a tempting sample of a newly available natural from Eden Botanicals or a newly created aroma chemical from Givaudan or Firmenich.  I get tempting samples of new things all the time, but I’ll let them inspire new scents in the future and keep the older ones stable.  I think it’s important to customers to have the line be stable, so I’m putting in the time now to get the scent list the way I’d like to see it, with some new scent additions, some tweaks to a few older scents, and some scent discontinuations to make room for the new ones.  I’ll try to do a post soon on some new ingredients I’ve tried recently to give some examples.

On another topic, my special pen tablet has died (the connector cable needs replacing), so my emails will be a little shorter than usual until I get this tablet back from the shop.  I have tendinosis and carpal tunnel in my wrists, and the tablet allows me to write with a pen instead of the keyboard.  It really helps (I’ve tried dictation software but the tablet works better for me).

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