Scent List Update

I’m really working hard on the new scents, and I need to re-stock a couple of the older ones.  If you’re planning to buy samples soon you might wait until next week when more will be in stock.  I’ll send a newsletter out when the new scents are available.

Just finished a new rose scent called Vintage Rose and am very happy with how it turned out.  I’m waiting to hear back from two more testers, but the first testers gave very positive feedback and I think it is done.  I put the description on the site and should have it available next week.

The new Wood Violet should also be available next week.

And, we have an updated Bois Epices Legere coming called Sienna Musk.  It is different enough to require a new name and the old name was cumbersome anyway.  It has the same notes but quite different ingredients; I wanted to use some pretty new woods ingredients I have acquired since I first did the scent.  I also wanted to make the scent feel drier and make the base more of a soft musk with woods rather than the reverse.  It’s now a soft skin musk with woods, mandarin, and warm spices, less sweet but still a creamy, woodsy musk scent.  If you’ve recently purchased a sample of Bois Epices Legere from me and want a free sample of Sienna Musk, just let me know, but it won’t be available until sometime next week.

Lots more to do.  Was 105 here yesterday and 106 today.  The wind has died down, thankfully.  We should have a cooling trend in a few days, but everything looks a bit wilted here right now, both plants and people!

All the more reason to work on a few lighter summery scents once these current priorities are finished.

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