Scent List Update

I have quite a few fragrance formulas to work on right now and am going back and forth between them. One is gardenia, of course, and others include the scents that need the new oakmoss. The new moss seems to work well in Winter Woods; I don’t want that scent to change much because it has been popular and I’m pleased that the moss switch won’t cause a problem.

Another little project is a version of Tabac Aurea without one of the two musks that are in the formula, a tweak for those who are anosmic to that musk. I had worked on that version before and want to finish it. For that version, I’ve kept the one musk that helps build the warm, fruity, honeyed drydown, but I eliminated the other musk and replaced it with other notes, including hay absolute, myrrh, and a touch of oakmoss. The leather accord is also different: I added just a slight animalic touch to the base with some castoreum rather than using a fully defined leather accord. I think the musk-reduced version is about ready for testing and I hope it might be an interesting option for those who are anosmic to that musk and for those who prefer a hay/moss accord to the leather accord as a companion for the tabac, amber, and woods.

It has been very rainy here — our summer weather disappeared for now. We had a heavy downpour most of last night. The garden looks a bit soggy, but we need the rain so it’s good.

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  1. i am finding it so hard to keep up with you!!!! you exhaust me just hearing about it.

    everything sounds absolutely gorgeous and i can
    t wait to make a sample order. and keep your news coming–i enjoy so much hearing what you are doing. if my retirement account hadn’t taken a mortal hit, i’d buy everything you have!!!!!your scents, your cottage, your roses, etc………

    keep up the excellent work. (i guess i needed to discontinue exclamation points…………)


  2. Hi Jo! It’s a tough time for savings accounts for sure, and for finances in general. Glad you enjoy hearing about the scent development process. I’m happy with today’s progess on Winter Woods and yesterday’s progress on the tabac version, but my idea for gardenia today didn’t help so I’m still pondering that one.

    My Dad is a retired architect and he drew the plans for my little cottage; it’s small but feels very open with lots of big windows. I’m lucky to have it. 🙂

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