Samples Now On Separate Page

I made a separate page today for the fragrance samples to make them easier to find; they are not on the Fragrance page anymore but here on their own page instead. Just wanted to give a heads up so it wouldn’t confuse people when they scroll down the Fragrance page and don’t see them.

About a month ago I made some new sample hang cards (pictured above) and those are available by request if you want to send samples as a gift.

I’ll be back tomorrow (Saturday) for an Easter post. Happy weekend!

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  1. Hi Jo,

    Thanks! I think they turned out well too — hope people like them. I’m so glad I finally got PhotoShop and Illustrator last year; they’re great programs for doing these sorts of projects and now I can do them for myself instead of needing to hire a graphics artist. I’ve been using these business size cards for several years because they make good sample cards, but I changed the colors and layout to bring them up-to-date with my packaging.

    Happy Easter!

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