Sample Drawing Results

We had a wonderful response to the drawing between the posts and all the emails, so I decided to draw 6 winners instead of 3 (really wish I could send to everyone!).  The winning names picked from the flowerpot are below.  Please send me an email with your address and I’ll mail these off to you by Monday.  I’ll also mail samples out to the testers who haven’t yet received the final version.


Thanks for joining the drawing and mentioning your favorite rose and violet scents!  Looks like I have a little list of things I still need to sample!  It helps me to be familiar with many scents because then when people tell me what they like and dislike I know what they are talking about and am better at helping them choose samples.


Here’s the list of winners for this round.  We’ll do this again in the future!






and two of the people who emailed: JS and SJ (I emailed you to let you know you were among the winners)



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