Roses are up

I put Velvet Rose and Vintage Rose on the menu in honor of Valentine’s Day. And of course, Rose Musc continues to be available in the Boutique group.

Also, I should clarify that the Lieu de Reves on the site now is the original. I’m working on a take off from Reves, but it will have a new name when it comes out and it will be in the Boutique group. The original Reves will remain Exclusive.

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  1. Hello Laurie,
    Oh man that’s good to know! I almost got LdR thinking it was like what you sent me and if that particular version isn’t what your selling at the moment then thank you for making that clear! I’ll wait patiently for the newest one then.
    I hope all is well and that this winter is calm, happy and productive.


    1. Hi Tamara, glad that helped. The new one will be clear because it’ll have a new name; I’ve picked the name but will wait to post the name when I release it. Hope your winter is going well too! Mine is not calm but I’m shooting for productive, lol. Looking forward to spring.

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