Review of To Dream on Now Smell This and Happy Earth Day!

Today on Now Smell This, Jessica posted a review of To Dream with some comparisons to Lieu de Reves that might be helpful to some of you who are deciding whether to sample it. Thank you Jessica! And To Dream is also available at Indie Scents, where they currently have a cute picture of it on the landing page as one of the most recent additions.

I’m low on my black perfume boxes and need to have more made, but I will have a graphic designer make a few changes first, so I’m working on that process now. The boxes need to be a tiny tad taller for the new bottles. The new 34 ml bottles are a snug fit so we’ll give them better head room with the updated box design.

I gave a quick try to the new Andy Tauer scent Zeta yesterday and enjoyed its cheerful prominent notes of honeyed linden, orange blossom, and neroli. I want to wear it again when I can concentrate more on it. It’s fun to try the two new scents that arose from Nathan’s blog project — Andy’s Zeta and Mandy’s Honey Blossom are both beautiful. I love the honeyed linden notes.

Happy Earth Day!

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  1. Congratulations, my dear! It seems like many wonderful things are happening for you out there.
    I’m also looking forward to trying the Zeta – Linden blossom is not a familiar note but sounds intriguing. It’s used often in poetry, at least, I find it in quite a few classical song texts.
    Hope you have a lovely Easter weekend!

    1. Thanks Ann! I love linden. Have you had linden tea? It’s yummy and will give you a bit of an idea of that honeyed scent linden has. Both Mandy’s and Andy’s use the same natural linden CO2 but the finished scents are quite different. Both use other notes to highlight the linden and complement it, but Mandy’s is all natural.

      Happy Easter to you too!

  2. I have tried Zeta and can say that it is lovely. Linden does not seem to be an overly common note in perfumery, and it is nice to come across something a little off the beaten track. The only problem I had with it is that it seemed to make me sleepy. Linden is used in aromatherapy to promote sleep, and it seems to have that effect on me. I have had the same experience with perfumes that have a strong orange blossom note. If I bought a FB of Zeta, I would have to keep it as a bedtime scent (although it would certainly be a lovely thing to wear to bed!)

    On another subject, I was wondering if Ambre Noir and Jour Ensoleille are going to be available again anytime soon in FBs? I am particularly interested in AN, as it is one of my favorites from your line.

    1. Hi 50_Roses! I could see linden being a relaxing note to people — it is calming to me too. Orange blossom and neroli are very cheerful to me, mood lifters.

      Yes, I’ll have Ambre Noir and Jour Ensoleille back. I’ve not had time yet with the To Dream launch and box project and a few other things. In the meantime, if someone wants a bottle of either one they can email me (I’m still keeping small amounts in stock for now).

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