Review of To Dream, and Update

There’s a lovely review of To Dream on Olfactoria’s Travels today — thank you Birgit! I love how she writes, “This is a perfume of a woman who has seen it all, she knows that life is more than roses and violets, but she still sees and appreciates their beauty, and is able to let them stand pretty, alongside the inevitable darkness.” 🙂

I’ve been working on printing all the labels for the shea cream jars. I finished the tops but am still working on the ingredient labels for the bottoms. The Fig Tree is going to be great in lotion and shea cream. The Amber I had blended with the intention of lotion and shea cream turned out to be too light for the shea — the cream smothered it. I’m reworking that formula, beefing it up so it’ll stand up to the cream. I had wanted to get the shea on the site by tomorrow, but it’ll be a few more days. I should have the Fig Tree edp out soon too — I’m just working on the first batch and waiting for a kilo of something before I can do a bigger batch.

We had the first rain of the season the last few days. Sure feels like fall all of a sudden.

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  1. Congratulations on the completion of Fig Tree, Laurie! I know that fig perfume lovers are going to one to try this one.

  2. I’m looking forward to getting the Fig Tree in the body cream or lotion. The amber sounds good too–I hope you can work it out.

    Nice review of To Dream!

    1. Hi AnnC,


      I’ll offer samples of the lotion and cream in the new scents so you can test first. I found an ingredient with a yummy caramel ambery scent that starts strong and softens, and it really helps the amber get off to a better start in the shea. I’m just adjusting the dose to see how much is needed. Also trying tolu balsam and/or benzoin because both seem to stand up to the shea better than the labdanum so far. I may use some of all three. I may put all the shea cream scents up except for the amber to test it longer, but I’ll see.

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