Review of Incense Pure with an outdoorsy take

Suzanne at Eiderdown Press just posted a lovely review of Incense Pure; her review touched me deeply because it comes from a place I do — the love of the outdoors. She posted a beautiful forest photo that is just the type of spot that brings peace to my soul. I don’t necessarily set out to create scents that evoke natural surroundings, but I think that is so much a part of who I am that it often comes out in the process. An interesting aspect of making any artisanal product is sharing a bit of yourself through what you create, and it’s always touching when you connect with people that way. Several people have told me that the natural incense and resins in this blend are calming to them, which makes me happy to hear. Sometimes I get caught up in the technical aspects of fragrance creation and it’s nice to be reminded of the reason we all enjoy this passion so much — for the pleasure scents can bring when they work with our chemistry and resonate with our lives and experiences. Thanks Suzanne!

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  1. I bought Incense Pure unsniffed as soon as it was available. I knew I would love it as I do all the other perfumes I have gotten from you. Thanks for your hard work and beautiful results!

  2. I do find Incense Pure to be very woody and smoky, but I like that about it. 🙂 Definitely not too sweet, and lasting power on a scale of -10 is an 11. Will be looking forward to my bottle at the end of the month!

  3. Hi Tara, glad you like it! Lots of people have commented on great staying power. Some people get the smoky aspect of the cistus more than others; sounds like that comes out prominently to you. It’s definitely a woodsy, resinous, labdanum-rich incense rather than a sweet vanillic incense. Thanks for stopping by the blog and for feedback!

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