Review of Forest Walk on The Non-Blonde

Thanks, Gaia, for your beautiful review of Forest Walk on The Non-Blonde! I’m so glad you liked it! Other people have said they find it to be very realistic to them too. One of my questions when I set out to make the forest theme was where to draw the line between realism and interpretation. I ended up creating a fairly realistic forest scent, with just a bit of softening from some floral notes and some sweet notes. The formula does have a large number of natural ingredients.

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  1. Definitely a very realistic scent….soothing and lovely from top to bottom! Gaia mentioned it was more of a West Coast forest scent. However as I mentioned before it blended in well when I wore it in the Poconos Mountains, PA which happens to be on the East Coast!

    1. My personal experience is more west coast, but hopefully it’ll bring to mind memories of other places too. The Poconos Mountain area sounds beautiful.

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