Rainy Friday

Lots of rain this morning and I’m heading in to have that tooth extracted after the failed root canal attempt. It should be relatively simple. I’ll try to post in a couple days. All orders as of this moment are out in the mail. I’d like to do a fall scents post soon — so many favorites for fall. . Anyway, just thought I’d give a heads up in case I’m offline for a day or two.

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  1. Feel better Laurie! Wishes for a speedy recovery đŸ™‚
    It’s rainy in my neck of the woods too..but beautiful in the way that only autumn can be…

  2. oh NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! horrible bummer!!!! not fair!!!!

    yeah, it’ll be ‘fairly simple’ but it still sucks!!!!!

    at least, tho, maybe it will quit hurting, and that is a major blessing.

    please rest and take care of yourself….


    1. Thanks Jo and Tamara! Still feeling groggy tonight from the drugs they gave me but hope to sleep that off. Am thankful they use them, lol.

      Will have some fall posts here soon.

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