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My surgery is scheduled for March 23. I’m getting as much done before that as I can. Surgeon says I’ll have complications — not very comforting, lol. It will take a couple weeks to recover. I’ll post more updates, before and after. Progress is good on the woodsy scents I’m working on, and I still have several rose variations I’m working on too.  Lots to do.

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  1. Thanks Paula! Will be good to get it over with. This surgeon was the type who likes to go over every bad thing that will likely happen; guess they cover themselves that way but scare the patient in the process. Meantime, the Sandal scent is almost done and still working on the two roses. Would be fun to do a soft spring floral; our sunshine is back, bringing spring feelings again.

  2. I wish you the absolute best with your upcoming surgery, Laurie 🙂

    Roses, I am so anxious for the roses – my favorite floral note in perfume!

  3. Laurie, I think it’s just a legal requirement for a physician to disclose any little thing that might happen, however remote it may be. I think the term may be “informed consent.”

    I am looking forward to the new scents and wish you a speedy recovery.

  4. Thanks Cheri and Lyn! He went beyond informed consent by saying which things he was certain I’d experience, but maybe I can prove him wrong. 🙂

    I’m working on rose one day and woods the next; alternating days keeps me fresher. Had a yummy rose day today. Paula, if I end up putting some carnation in this I’ll send you a sample without it too — I know carnation/clove is your nemesis!

  5. I love carnation! It’s actually hard to find it as the predominant note in most current scents. It is usually mixed heavily with fruit scents or with something odd like coffee.

    I’d love to do something like this:

    Top note – Paperwhites, orange blossom, freesia
    Middle – Carnation
    Base -tea rose and a hint of clove

    I’m not completely sure it would work but it sounds nice!

  6. Right now this just has a little hint of carnation but not much. I think I’ve finally narrowed down to my favorite choice today. Have a few more things to try, but this is a rich blend with lots of rose, touch of jasmine and carnation, frankincense, musk, light woods, little hint of aldehyde, and just a bit of amber.

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