Quick Update on Fireside Intense

I think I’ll leave Fireside Intense as is and just put in the new moss for the old, which seems to work fine.  I tried leaving out the choya, but I really missed the quirky, smoky animalic note it adds so I’ll leave it in.  I’ll run this past a few people who love the original but I think I can get this back on the list before I put the cart up.

Edited to add: More naming thoughts.  If I’m using a Buddhist name (from the Indian Pali language) for the amber incense I should probably make it more of an Indian incense scent, or if I keep it similar to the current notes I may need a different name…  So, I may use a different name for this frankincense-dominant incense and save Passaddhi for a scent with my new Indian attar.

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