Quick update, and some new reviews

Thank you, Portia, for your lovely review of Incense Pure today on Perfume Posse! I’m so glad you liked it! (The Posse has had some problems after switching servers, so if this link doesn’t work you might try it again later.)

And thank you, Robin, for the review of Forest Walk last week on Now Smell This! And Dee, I am so glad Champagne de Bois is one of your Scents To Keep Me Sane! That’s a category I think we all have, lol.

I just updated the Fragrance Page to add the beginnings of the Naturals Collection. I wanted to give a preview of what is coming. I plan to do most of these scents in both edp and oil form, but I’ve not decided yet whether it will be a parfum oil or a body oil or both. I’d like these to have an oil option because oils are so much easier to ship overseas than alcohol-based perfumes from a regulation standpoint. I’m having fun staying in a natural palette for a different challenge. I will get back to the mixed media scents in progress after I complete a few of the naturals. The first two naturals are ready for testing.

We’ve been having a gorgeous mini heat wave. Feels like summer in October! Rain is due Mon-Wed though, so we’re enjoying the sun while it’s here.

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  1. Wow! Not one but three naturals? I can’t wait to try them,Laurie! Will they be out in time for the holiday season? (might be a gift to myself :)!)

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