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It’s been a busy week! I sent some ET testers out and still have more I need to send. If all goes well I’ll put samples of ET back on the site first, and then I’ll add bottles about a week after that. I want to wait for feedback to come in though to be sure my last tweaks work well for people.

I’m returning to Bouquet Blanche tomorrow after I catch up with orders. I can work on BB while waiting for the scoop on ET. It will be great to get both on the site. I’d really like BB to be done before spring.

Several years ago I had found some one ounce bottles that I loved but I couldn’t come up with pumps (sprayers) for them. I seem to have solved that problem, finally, and want to switch bottles. These are very nice glass in a classic style and are quite pretty. I’m in the process of ordering and will have to wait 2-3 months, but it’s worth waiting for them. I’ve not solved the half oz issue. The smaller bottles I have work fine, but they tend to have sprayers that lean slightly and I’ve not found anything else without the same issue. I’ll keep looking but probably won’t find an answer anytime soon. I think the smaller bottles will be for those who want less juice and don’t mind an economical bottle, and the larger ones will be very pretty for those who want to spend a bit more and get a larger size. For those who want small size in an attractive portable package, the purse sprays fit the bill. But if I ever spot an improvement on the half oz I’ll grab it.

We’ve had a long week of rain, but so far no major flooding. I’m on a hilltop so I’m ok, but the folks who live by the river are the ones at risk when we get these long chains of storms day after day.

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  1. I didn’t put any perfume on yesterday in anticipation of receiving the new ET samples. Unfortunately, the P. O. let me down! So no perfume again today. Here’s hoping!

    I did spend some time last night with a sample of Amber Noir that I received from the Posh Peasant, and I think I’ve discovered that I’m not a castoreum girl. I’m assuming that that was the note (also in Winter Woods) that didn’t agree with me. Oh well, I can do civet and cumin, and love indolic jasmine and neroli. Can’t love ’em all, otherwise I’d be overrun!

    Bottles sound lovely; you know how I feel about your packaging.

  2. Hi Donna,

    Hope you get that tester today too; just checked your tracking # for you and it was processed through your PO yesterday so maybe it’ll get there today.

    I would have guessed it was the leather note in AN that you didn’t like, but that’s not in WW so maybe it was the castoreum. I’ve found in general more testers object to cumin, indoles, and civet than to castor, lol, but it varies from person to person.

    I can’t wait for the bottles but it’ll be a while…

    1. Yeah…. I might be good for your sweetness barometer, but I’m definitely NOT your focus group! LOL! My skin tends to “eat” skank. I think that’s why many things are so sweet on me.

  3. Hello Laurie!

    How does one go about getting samples? You had mentioned in an earlier post about possibly having a reformulated version closer to the older one and one of your new interpretation.

    I would very much like the try them.

    Thank you!

  4. Hi Pinchy,

    I’ve sent out what I hope will be close to the reformulated version to a few testers and am starting to get feedback. If all goes well I hope to have samples of the reformulated version on the website soon.

    I’m hoping not to need a version closer to the original if I can do a reformulation that goes over well enough, but there are a couple of people who really wanted bottles of the original, so I’ll wait and see how they do with the reformulated tester. If there’s a simple way to modify it to suit them better, I could do a couple special bottles for them and I could possibly do a larger batch of that while I am at it and offer some to others like yourself.

    I wouldn’t have samples of that for a bit though, and I’d encourage you to try the new version first because I think it is going to be a better constructed scent than the original — the addition of the new cistus is very nice, the new sandalwood accord is more complex and pleasing to me, and the addition of the soft orris and angelica notes are pretty. I honestly don’t miss the extra oakmoss; I did have to cut down on the moss per IFRA, but I still like this version better. I find the new one to be smoother while still having plenty of incense. I’m just working on adjusting the levels of accessory notes now, mainly the musky notes and the cistus/labdanum. The previous tester had more musk, and this one has very little musk but more cistus. I’m waiting to see which people like better, or if I need to tweak again a little bit.

    Glad you think it sounds interesting! If testers have mixed feedback and I need more opinions I’ll send you one and will hold off on putting it back on the site, but otherwise I hope it’ll be ready for sampling soon.

    I just updated the web page to reflect the changes I’ve been making during the reformulation:


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