Quick Update

I’ve had requests for Egyptian Musk edp samples since it hasn’t been available at The Perfumed Court or The Posh Peasant; I just sent some to the Perfumed Court so they will be carrying it before long and that will make it easier to sample while my cart is down. Also, The Perfumed Court will be switching to the new version of Ambre Noir before long.

This is a good time for me to test samples, so I’m sniffing gardenia musk testers. I’ll start working on Jour Ensoleille soon to put in the new oakmoss and possibly make a few other adjustments if I like them better. I have a few new ingredients I want to try in it, but I want the scent to remain very much like the original.

My brother and family came up to visit over the weekend, which was fun, though I only had a short time to see them. My older niece is enjoying her riding lessons and my younger niece is doing gymnastics. The dog they recently rescued from the pound is feeling safer now and has made herself a part of the family (she’s a cute mini beagle mix).

I’ll see if I can get going on the last three oakmoss reformulations (Jour Ensoleille, Fireside Intense, and Encens Tranquille) while also finishing Gardenia Musk.

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  1. Hi Laurie!
    Thought you might like to know that your scents are getting a lot of love on NST’s Lazy Thursday Poll…

  2. Hi Ann, wow, that’s a long thread on yesterday’s NST poll! I really appreciate the mentions of Sonoma’s scents by various people!

    Yesterday I started working on the Jour reformulation. So far the new moss seems great it in, and I swapped in the new labdanum too. Both work just fine. I’ll post a little more about my progress soon. Jour will be a much easier project than the gardenia has been — shouldn’t take too long to finish Jour, though I’m waiting on a shipment of neroli before I can put it back on the list.

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