Quick update

Hope everyone had a great three day weekend and the first week of school is going well.  Having Monday be a holiday means I don’t ship that day, which gives me an extra morning not to be worried about beating the noon mail pick-up with my outgoing packages.  My brother’s girls are back in school; seems like the school year keeps starting earlier, but maybe I’m just less ready for fall.

I’ve not had enough time to work on the new scents as much as I’d like, but I’m making progress.  I’m trying reducing or eliminating the nagarmotha in Winter Woods to see if it smooths the opening.  I have a Reves I really like but want to extend lasting power.

I’m trying to take better photos of the perfume bottles by using a little home-made light box and it might help.  It’s tricky to get pictures of glass bottles and hard to get the lighting good enough to show how pretty the glass looks when the light shines through (I especially like the rich Ambre Noir color). 

So I’ll get back at it…  Will check in with more updates on the new scents before long.

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