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The Now Smell This blog featured a very nice review of Sonoma’s Velvet Rose shea cream yesterday:


I’m catching up on orders and making two identical traveling musk packages.  I’ll post the details on that when I mail them out to the first two people Monday or Tuesday.  Should be a fun experiment!

Update on Cameo: I’ve had some questions about why Cameo is missing from the scent list.  When I added Vintage Rose to the Boutique Collection I took Cameo down, thinking I didn’t need two roses of the same category in that list.  They are quite different in detail though, even though they are both somewhat nostagic rose scents; Cameo is powdery and has a violet note whereas Vintage Rose has a plum note and is woodsy/ambery, almost incensy.  I will probably add Cameo back and put it in the Studio Collection, but I thought I’d wait and try a different labdanum in it first in case that makes it work in lotion (the labdanum in it does not work in an oil base, but a more recently acquired labdanum might work in an oil base).  Cameo doesn’t have much labdanum, just a touch, so the substitution might be just fine.  I have that on my To Do list…

It’s been ridiculously hot for days (my porch thermometer in the shade has reached 104 to 107 for five afternoons in a row).  Today looks like mid 90’s so that’s a slight improvement.  We have a lot of smoke in the air outside from fires in the area.  Sure hope the fires are rapidly contained.  Other parts of the state are also very hot.



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  1. Hi Elena! Great to see you, and thanks so much for your good wishes! 🙂 Yes, we do have some weather similarities and can grow many plants suited to Med climates, though we get a bit colder in winter and have to watch the frost on tender plants. We usually don’t get very humid heat here the way they get on the east coast in the US. Our heat is pretty dry. Makes for high fire danger though. Today our morning fog has rolled in and we’ve cooled off again, so things are looking better for the fire fighters too.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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