Quick Update

I will put the buy buttons for samples (1 ml and 3 ml) back up within a day or two (I am shooting for the evening of Nov 6 but it could be Nov 7). I will put the buy buttons for bottle sizes back up next week. I’m busy batching things and trying to finish the new formula for the natural forest scent (the formula is done but needs to be scaled up). Once I open I won’t be able to work on it, so I’m trying to get it done now. Almost there!

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  1. What will the new Forest scent smell like? Will it be similar to the Forest Walk? I loved Forest Walk, but didn’t end up buying a larger than sample size because it did not last on my skin very long like most of the others I love that you make. Thanks.

    1. Hi Linda,
      Forest Walk lasts well for me, but we are all different so it’s hard for me to predict. For me, the new natural scent stays a bit closer to the skin and may not last quite as long, but it could be the opposite for you since Forest Walk didn’t last for you the way it does for me. Some of the notes are the same (sandal, cedar, fir, labdanum) but I’ve used some new naturals I have now that I did not have when I created Forest Walk, so it’s different. It has some pine, whereas Forest Walk does not (even though it may smell like it does). I tried to keep a similar forest aroma and put that forest smell on a natural amber base. I like how it turned out! It may be worth sampling for you, but I’d start with a sample.

      1. When it’s available, I will do that. I know, unfortunately the newer Amber one didn’t last on me near like the Ambre Noir.

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