Quick Update…

I was going to put samples up tonight, but I’m going to wait until tomorrow night because I need to get some things done tomorrow without having orders. I did finish the initial draft of the new Amber Incense page. The cart buttons should be up tomorrow for samples. 🙂 Ambre Noir is temporarily out of stock (I’m out of an ingredient, but it is still possible to get it); I think all else will be available.

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    1. No, I’m shooting for a December release for Amber Incense, but the release date depends on when I can get the natural beta damascone isolate I would like to use in it.

    1. Hi Tara,
      That depends on when I can get the last ingredient I need for it, the natural beta damascone isolate. I’m still waiting on that. I’m using a synthetic for now in my testers as a stand-in; it is less than 1% of the formula but does add something of value. I’m still test sniffing and waiting for that ingredient!

  1. Hi Laurie,
    I received my sample scents today and I am love! Not with one, or two, but all three of them! They are better than I imagined. The hype does not do them justice. So now I am left wondering…how long must I wait until the full size bottles become available? Like an impatient lover, I yearn for them now.

    1. Hi Betty,
      Glad you loved your samples! Thanks so much for the good news! I’m going to be without help from Nov 11 to Nov 20, so I want to wait until after the 20th to put bottles up. For those interested, Surrender To Chance has decants of nearly all my scents, so that’s another source in the meantime. Thanks!

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