Quick Update

I’m back to blending and am getting very close on the floral musk I’d been working on before my break. I know I should get back to Amber Incense too, but I’m so close on this other scent that I need to try to finish. It would be great to get one of these nearly finished scents out before the end of the year, but we’ll see.

I have not forgotten about the interview series I started. I’ll have the next interview on Monday or Tuesday with someone I think you’ll find very interesting.

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  1. Thanks, Undina! Yes! I’d really like to do that in a few weeks. I’m hoping to find a new assistant first. 🙂 And I’m trying to make some quick headway on this blend too before opening up again. If anyone needs something in the meantime though, I’m taking a few orders via email request.

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