Quick update

The new cap press is working now so I made a few more bottles (left). I have one method for doing the labels now. It’s labor intensive, so I’m working with the printer on an alternate method that’d look the same.

Didn’t get to work on formulas yet today but am going to go do that for an hour now… Working on BB and on a new amber that I’d started months ago and set down.

More rain here this week. Supposed to be nice for the long weekend though, and my brother will probably be up to visit, which will be fun.

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  1. Nice job, Laurie. Now I’ll have to think about which scent to put in it…although my hope is still with bb.

  2. Hi Elisa and Ann, thanks! The new bottles are so pretty that I’ve been struggling to come up with a label design that’s worthy, lol, but I think this is looking good now. I’m kind of wishing I had considered having the bottles inscribed with my company name and then I could have done a gold hang tag on the neck with the scent name. I’m not wild about those tags, but they are easier to do than these small labels. I think the labels are going to work out though.

    I finally have some time for BB today, so that’s good news too. 🙂

  3. Oh! I do like those bottles…the heavy bottom, the proportions, the way they look like they’ll feel in the hand…and, fwiw, I think the labels you show there work very well with the bottle.

    Just curious…what is the volume of those?

  4. Hi ScentSelf, thanks! They are 1 ounce. I need to measure a couple to be sure that’s exact, but approx 30 ml. Glad you like them! They do feel really good in the hand to me. The labels have been a struggle, but I’m just about there.

    I’ll post this weekend, but just a quick note: I tested the last BB mod and am pleased. I pulled up the tuberose and softened the sandal, which had gotten too strong for me. Seems to be working now. Will test again…

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