Quick Q&A about opening

Hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend!

1. When will you open? Late afternoon Monday Sept 7. It’s my bday, so I’ll spend some time with family mid-day and then will come put the cart up, most likely by 5 pm CA time.

2. Will all previous scents be back? All but Encens Tranquille, which will be a while longer; if you’ve tried and love the original you can get decants from Lisa at The Perfumed Court, who has the version with the original green oakmoss that I can no longer get. I’ll be working on a new incense and haven’t decided yet how close it’ll be to Encens Tranquille. In addition to the scents that were up when I took the cart down, Femme Jolie will be back for a limited time this fall and winter. You can see a description of Femme Jolie on the Body page, but it’ll be on the Fragrance page too when I put the cart up.

3. What are prices? I added a couple sentences on the price ranges to the red note at the top of the Fragrance page. That’s where I’ve had the note about the cart being down. I used red font to be easily noticeable.

4. When will body creams be available? Probably early October.

5. Will Jour Ensoleille be back? How about the new Gardenia Musk? Yes to Jour Ensoleille (it’s been reformulated with new moss and it came out very nicely), but not yet for Gardenia Musk.

I hope that covers most of it!

Edited to add: I used a green moss in the original ET that was a little different from the brown one I’d used in most other scents, and I found that the new low atranol moss I now have is a better match to the old brown than the old green. When I put the new moss and new labdanum into ET, it seemed more different from original ET than I’d expected. I’m still deciding what way to go with ET because of that difference. I do want to have an incense scent with a prominent frankincense note because that’s a favorite of mine, so I’ll be working on this…

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  1. Well then, no perfume/cart comments at all today – just HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! And all my wishes for a happy, healthy and blessed year for you, Laurie.


  2. My goodness, what a way to celebrate. Glad it’s back for you…which also has its benefits for your happy customers, of course.

    Most importantly…
    Happy Birthday!!!

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