Quick Monday Update

I worked on Encens Tranquille today; I added a light orris note that softens the sandal/incense/labdanum and I like it this way. The new labdanum is drier than the old so it feels less heavy, and I wanted to add a few other things to the base to offset that effect and stand up to the woods and incense. I’m trying to just soften the edges a bit around that strong sandal/incense/labdanum heart.

I also tested the Jour Ensoleille reformulation that I’d started a few weeks ago and was really happy at how good it smelled. I tried layering a little beeswax on my skin over Jour and think it might be a pretty addition. I’ll work on that so I can get testers out. The floral notes in the first hour are especially nice, which is heartening. It’ll go much faster than gardenia, thankfully. 🙂

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  1. Hi Laurie –
    Still enjoying reading about your progress with the various scents. I hope all is going well with you.

  2. Hi Laurie,

    It sounds like you’re making excellent progress on all of your reformulations. I can’t wait until you put the cart up again–I plan to purchase several samples. Do you ever offer a sample set of all your fragrances?


  3. Thanks Donna and AnnC! I should be mostly caught up with the personal stuff by the end of next week and want to draw my break to an end as soon as I can after that. I’d like to finish a few of these scents before I put the cart up if possible though.

    I’ve not done sample packs because it’s so hard to predict which choices people want; it’s been easier just to let people pick for themselves. Maybe I should come up with a couple themed sample packs, like a woodsy pack and a floral pack and a musk pack, or maybe a best-sellers pack with the ones that seem to be most popular. Might be good around the holidays?

    Hope all’s well with you two too! 🙂

  4. This sounds intriguing, Laurie. I love ET, but a softer one might be even nicer…I can’t wait to sniff. I would also love to see another floral incense like the Lily Incense – any plans for one anytime soon?

    I also like the idea of the themed sample packs, even though it’s probably superfluous since your descriptions are so thorough.

    Hope all is well for you and you’re enjoying this fantastic weather. 🙂

  5. Hi Elizabeth! After playing around with ET a bit I’m starting to think I’ll leave it as is but just sub the new moss, and then do a new incense scent because I have something interesting developing that is too far removed from ET to be a replacement, but I like it. This one has more sandalwood, less moss, more dry amber, about the same labdanum but using the drier one, a tiny touch of tabac, some orris, and still a good dose of frankincense and hint of myrrh. It’s softer but still lasting. I’d like to get a bit more sillage out of it because it is close to the skin, unlike ET, but that’d be nice to have two different options.

    I’m asked all the time to do a floral incense to replace Incense Lily, and it’s on my list for sure! I have an idea for one (not rose) and need to work on it after I finish the others I have in progress.

    Wasn’t it a beautiful day! Yes, I love this summer weather!

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