pulled in many directions

Sometimes it is frustrating how much time I spend on things other than scent blending.  I have a couple new fragrances I’m working on and it goes much more slowly with so many other things that need doing.

On the bright side, I just finished the art file for the new edp boxes and should get a proof from the printer in a couple days.  I’m also working on some nice changes to the website that should be done soon.  Both projects have taken a lot of time but are turning out well.

I’m enjoying fresh cut jasmine, roses, and sweet peas from the garden. It’s rainy though and I want that summer weather back that teased us a couple weeks ago!

Off to do another quick trial on the new violet before the evening is over…

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  1. Huh….how did I miss seeing that you had a blog? I love reading the blogs of the independent perfumers! Bookmarking it now!

  2. Hi Gail! I’m trying to post more now so your timing is good. Welcome to the blog! I try to combine info about perfume-making in general with updates about what’s happening here and also a few profiles of botanical artists and items of interest to me along those lines. Glad to see you here. 🙂

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