Preview of New Bottles

I wanted to post a couple quick pictures of the new bottles even though they won’t be ready for a while yet. This label is a mock-up that I cut by hand so it’s not perfect but gives the idea. I need to be sure that the printer can do the gold foil in this size (that’s a gold foil border on the label).

The bottles are a classic shape that is a bit more vertical than my older bottles, and they have pretty beveled edges. The glass is more substantial with an overall more elegant look. They are still the one ounce size, which is hard to find because most are 1.7 oz (50 ml). These have crimped-on pumps rather than screw-on, so you can’t remove them. I think that’s fine though since I offer smaller sizes too.

My photos are not the best, but this will help illustrate what I’ve been talking about. I’d like to hire someone to help with my product photos once I finish the labels.

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  1. Those are lovely and I love the beveled edges! Screw-on bottles are great for decanting samples from.. but I’ve found that I’ve been reluctant to give away decants of my treasured SSS =)

    1. Thanks Monica! That’s sweet. 🙂 I love the beveled edges too. I’ll still offer the same screw-cap half oz bottles that I do now, plus the purse sprays, so I think it’s fine to move to crimp for the one oz size. Glad you like them! I’m sure hoping people will like them!

  2. YOU DID IT!!! GORGEOUS!! Wow – I am so impressed. I love the bottle (as you know) and the new label looks great on it. Great photo too. 😉

    1. Hi Donna, thanks! It’s hard to get the light right to make the foil look shiny as it should. A pro would have an easier time with the lighting, but these are much better than my first photo attempts, lol. I like how the vertical label turned out too. Now I have to get a small number of labels cut by the printer as a test and make sure they can do this odd size accurately (they say yes so I’m hoping!).

  3. A clever solution to the labeling issue! It definitely makes the bottle look longer and reveals more of the juice behind the label. The square labels gave the bottles a more “squat” appearance. This provides a more balanced coverage between label and bottle surface area and the gold foil border brightens it up significantly. Have you tried it with the longer names, like CdB?

    1. Hi Ann, yes, those were my thoughts too. The vertical label shows more of the bottle around the edges to show off the beveling but less down the center where the diptube shows, and it accentuates the pretty vertical shape of the bottle. The vertical label shape seems to fit the bottle better. The CdB is the longest name and I can still get that one to work. I just can’t go any longer than that when I choose new names, lol!

  4. Oooh, pretty! I love the look. 🙂 Especially the taller shape and beveled edges. Good choice!

  5. I think the gold foil is very classy. The vertical shape is pretty. I will order some when it is ready.

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