Pre-Christmas check-in, and a few links

Christmas orders are all mailed out and I’m wrapping presents for my own family. I’m also putting together a wholesale order and starting the end-of-year paperwork. We’ve had record-breaking lack of rain in CA, and the hills are still brown instead of their normal December green.

The Black Narcissus posted a beautiful review of Winter Woods today. The writing and photography on that blog are always extraordinary.

An interesting link recently: the brains of experienced perfumers were found to be different than those of non-perfumers.

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season!

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    1. Happy holidays, Jordan! I’m honored you chose Spiced Citrus Vetiver! 🙂 And btw your sandalwood series on basenotes was great! Especially loved all the beautiful photos of the growing, harvest, and distillation in Australia. You did a wonderful job on that series!

  1. Merry Christmas! I’m crossing my fingers that Santa got me a bottle of Jour Ensolleille. It was the only perfume on my list this year.

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