Poll on 5 ml Pocket Spray Color Options

I received very helpful input about the gold replacement color I’m using while the black pocket sprays are out of stock, and I thought I’d ask for input on several other color options. They come in black, gold, silver, and lavender pink. I could choose two colors to offer and am wondering which two of these would be most popular (for example, I could offer gold and silver instead of black). The gold text labels look best on the black or gold cases, and the white text labels look best on the silver and pink cases. The gold and black match my packaging colors the best so I’d like to keep at least one of those. The silver might be a popular choice for men, and the pink might be cute for rose scents.

I’ll stick with the gold pocket sprays for a while because I just purchased enough to last a few months, but I wanted some feedback before buying more.

Thanks so much!

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  1. I like the pink and silver ones the most, but the black are good too. If you could only do two, I’d do black and pink or black and silver.

    1. Thanks so much for feedback, Elisa! I really like the silver and pink too. I’m just curious which ones have enough interest to be worth stocking. Thanks!

  2. I love the black and silver ones, very classy! btw Laurie, I’m sure you’ve heard this many times but I LOVE the new glass bottles =)

  3. I like the pink and silver ones. The pink is a nice, silvery pink not a garish pink, and I think matches nicely with the silver.

    1. Thanks! Yes, the pink is a silvery one and does look nice with the silver sprayer. It’s a soft pink on the blue end of the spectrum rather than on the coral end.

  4. While we are speaking of the pocket sprays….I would love to refill mine but how do I open up the larger bottles?

    1. The 17 ml bottles are easy to open by unscrewing the sprayers, but the 34 ml sprayers are crimped on and can’t be opened. To decant from a crimped bottle, people just put the sprayer close to the open bottle and spray right in. Sometimes they use a tiny funnel to make the job easier. I actually saw those little decant funnels at a Container Store near us, and they were labeled as perfume funnels! I couldn’t believe there were enough people doing that to make Container Store — but they truly have everything. You can get the funnels online too, or you can spray directly w/out a funnel. It sounds hard, but it goes faster than you’d think.

  5. I think the black is very elegant and understated. The silver would be my second choice; I think the silver would be popular with men, also.

  6. I have a change of opinion after looking at your home page. Your colors are black and gold, therefore maybe the black and gold sprays would complete the look better than my original silver choice. I think I’m having a problem with their shade of gold–they are very yellow. I would like them to match the caps of the spray bottles.

    1. The gold ones aren’t quite as bright as they look in the photo because I was shining a light directly on them to get a decent picture, but you’re right it’s not the same gold color as the caps. And I was surprised that the silver ones didn’t look out of place when sitting next to the rest of my packaging items, maybe because the black label helps tie them in.

  7. I actually like them all, but I will say the black ones are hard to find in my purse. It’s lined in black and everything ends up at the bottom. Not a big deal but the other colors would certainly be easier to find.

  8. I’m still in the Black and Gold camp, as I think it continues your aesthetic across SSS for a cohesive presentation of fragrance and body products, as well as labeling and other printing.

    [That said, the pink and silver ones are also lovely, especially for Easter, Mother’s Day, etc. But that would require additional labels in silver, and I don’t know if the demand would be strong enough to make the investment in printing worthwhile, especially as you add/retire products.]

    1. Thanks, Sharon! I’m actually able to do these labels in-house on demand, so that simplifies things a lot, but the black and gold do carry out the packaging color scheme the best.

    1. Whatever colors I stock I will make available for all scents, so people can choose the color they like best for each scent and can get different ones if they want one color for floral and one for woods. I do like the rose scents on pink! 🙂 But I’d leave the choice up to the buyer. I’ll just add multiple color options to the drop-down menu for each scent. I don’t want to carry so many options that it’s hard to keep them all in stock, but I thought two or three options might be fun. I could try it for a while and see how it goes.

  9. Just thought I would chime in with my vote for the black and the silver. I tend to prefer silver over gold most of the time – it’s more understated I think.

    1. Thanks! I think I need to get the silver — they seem popular. I worried about mixing silver and gold since the caps on my bottles are gold, but I think as long as I offer the black as one option it’s ok because those go well with my packaging. And I noticed a brand recently that has gold caps on their bottles but has silver travel sprays, so I guess it’s not unheard of to mix gold and silver in a line.

      1. Well, I even mix gold and silver jewelry sometimes. One of my watches is a mix too. I like the look. Of course, it has to be done a certain way, but when done well it works. I think the soft silver will work fine with your packaging. But you may be more comfortable not mixing the metals and if that’s your preference, that’s certainly understandable! Mixing metals is definitely a more eclectic look.

      2. That’s true — I’ve seen some pretty watches that combine them too, maybe partly so people will feel good about wearing jewelry of either type with the watch. The black and white label on the pocket spray helps tie it into my packaging too since I use black, white, and gold.

  10. My vote is for the silver followed by the black…but to be honest, I care most about what’s inside them, not what they look like. Your scents are so good that even the gold would make me happy!

    1. That photo may not be fair to the gold one — it’s more matte than it looks there. If I took a pic of the bottles with the sprayers the gold would look coordinating. This feedback helps though because I was tempted to get a few pink and didn’t know if I was the only one who thought that was a neat color.

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