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I just turned in the final art for the new edp boxes.  It’s quite a process since each printer will print the same PhotoShop or Illustrator file with slightly different interpretations of the CYMK color values you specify.  They send a proof so you can see if the colors turn out to be acceptable as they will print on their machine, but they print on a printer that is calibrated to be within 90-95% of the final color so even with the proof you don’t know the exact end result.

I’m happy with the proof, but their green is a little less blue/more yellow than how it printed on my printer and looked on my screen.  It’s still nice so I’m going with it, but I’ll be a bit nervous until it is done in 3 weeks. 

Working on the violet again today.  It is interesting how much variation there is between one methyl ionone gamma formulation and another.  So many exist, and each has slightly different percentages of each type of ionone in it, resulting in different amounts of woodsiness, floralcy, powderiness, and lasting power.  I have quite a few different ionones and am evaluating which are best for this scent.  Ionones are found naturally in violets and give floral violet notes along with woods and powdery notes; violet notes are built by combining ionones with other chems to flesh out the full violet accord (methyl ionone gamma is just one type, with beta and alpha being other commonly used ionones, plus the ionols, irones, and related chems).

I’m also working on a website update that I hope to have up by early this week.  When I do, we’ll celebrate on the blog with a sample give-away.  🙂  Hope your weekend is a super one!

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