O Tannenbaum! blog event — a belated post

Someone just let me know that I missed the O Tannenbaum! blogging event and since it had a woodsy theme a number of SSS scents were included. Josie wrote a beautiful review of Winter Woods on Beauty, Bacon, Bunnies, and Undina weighed in on Winter Woods on Undina’s Looking Glass, and also gave an interesting peek into how her holiday traditions have changed since moving to the US. JoanElaine wrote about Incense Pure on Redolent of Spices, and Suzanne included a lovely review of Champagne de Bois on Suzanne’s Perfume Journal. And on BoTO, Anne Marie and Dee posted two totally opposite experiences with Fig Tree; Anne-Marie found that it did not work at all for her while Dee loved it (that can happen, so it’s always best to test things for yourself). Thanks all, and happy new year!

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  1. Hi Laurie,

    Thanks for mentionning O Tannenbaum. Yes, Sonoma Scent Studio was a popular choice for our project, and your perfumes caused quite a stir of curiousity for those who have yet to try them!

    Happy New Year!

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