November Newsletter

I sent out a newsletter last night that looked fine when I sent a test message to myself, but this morning the final message that went out has smaller than normal images; I apologize if the photos of the shea cream and body lotion look small in your version too! They looked fine when I sent the test email, but now they look tiny.

The main information in the newsletter is that the 35% shea cream is back in stock but just for the holiday season, the new body sillk lotion is in stock and will be carried throughout the year, the new 5 ml purse sprays are available, and gift wrap options are coming as soon as I put up the photos. Also, new scents are coming (the reformulation of Encens Tranquille, Bouquet Blanche, a new sandalwood amber, and some new lotion scents).

I’ll send more newsletters as the new scents become available, and I’ll be alert to the photo scaling issue in the newsletter next time. I’m sorry if your newsletter had microscopic photos of the lotion and cream! 🙂

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  1. Hi Liza,

    I forgot to add that info so thanks for asking! You can go to this link for a signup page:

    I don’t send newsletters on a monthly schedule but just send them when there are new products or scents to announce or a special offer. Some people like it so they don’t have to remember to check the blog or the What’s New page for new scent releases.

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