Nostalgie review on The Muse in Wooden Shoes

I had a wonderful start to my morning today by waking up to a beautiful review of Nostalgie on the blog Muse in Wooden Shoes. Thank you Mals! I really appreciate your testing several versions along the way, and I’m so glad you enjoy the final result! I had hoped it’d be a joyful celebration of the rich materials used in vintage scents, and I’m so glad people are enjoying it.

This afternoon I am having an internet company come to try to hook me up to their service, which is brand new to our part of CA and looks like the best broadband option we’ve ever had out here in this rural area. Looking foward to it!

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  1. Oh, I am collecting the reviews of Nostalgie right now because it is in the top of my to-test list. Thanks for posting it!

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