No high speed internet yet

Well, the installer tested this morning and they’ll need the stronger antennae here because of the distance.  That antennae is on backorder so I have to wait longer for my high speed internet connection. He didn’t know when that might be. Disappointing.

It was 105 here both yesterday and day before, and is already 103 so far today!  We’re having quite a heat wave.  Makes it harder to blend and test new scents, but I’m still making progress. The garden is suffering a bit in the heat though.

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  1. Wow, that’s pretty warm for there. It was a scorcher here, too. The roses needed LOTS of water. The tomatoes needed watering twice a day. I’m glad it’s cooling down this weekend.

    Sorry to hear about the internet issue. I wouldn’t think you’d be THAT far out of civilization!


  2. We’re actually just far enough out to be peaceful but still be a quick drive to town. The housing density is too low here to be worth their effort to run DSL or cable lines though, so satellite seems the only option and we’re a bit far from their tower. The big antenae will work fine but they’re all out right now. Can’t wait for them to come back, maybe in another week.

    I think it gets even hotter where you are! We’ve been much better, just normal summer temps lately.

  3. Yes, it can get into the 100s easily. Luckily it was only 87 yesterday, but it is going to be 95 today and on the rise!

    Good luck on the satellite!

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