Nice Tabac Aurea Review (and a blog update)…

There’s a great review of Tabac Aurea today on Fragrantica by Somerville Metro Man from basenotes, Mark Behnke. Thank you Mark, and thank you Elena at Fragrantica too (she always works wonders with photos for the articles there).

Tabac Aurea Review on Fragrantica

In the process of working on the reformulation of Encens Tranquille with new moss and labdanum, I’ve developed a new amber incense scent.  It is too different to be a replacement for ET, but I like this and want to add it as a new fall scent.  The predominate notes are frankincense, amber, and sandalwood, and other supporting notes are myrrh, cedar, orris, patchouli, oakmoss, elemi, and tiny hints of tabac and leather.  It’s softer than ET, smoother, and less green because of less oakmoss.  I think it has a yummy quality from the amber, with both dry aspects and touches of sweetness.  There’s no musk in this one so musk anosmia won’t be a factor.

I need a name for it.  I’m still testing and may tweak a bit more, but it’s basically an amber incense.  Since this has been a hectic crazy time for me the last few months I was thinking of something that means harmony out of entropy, lol, if there is a meditative word or phrase that encompasses that concept.  Anyone have any ideas?  The soft amber, incense, and sandalwood would fit that sort of name.

Still working on Jour Ensoleille too and am very close.  I really want to get the shopping cart up by the end of August so I’m trying to finish a few of these formulas first.

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  1. Hi Laurie!
    Don’t you just love coming across these accidental discoveries? It’s like hiking in the woods, making unintended detours and coming upon a place you’ve never seen before and becoming totally enchanted.
    I tried ET this weekend right up against the Tauer Incense Extreme and almost smoked myself out of the house – that’s what I get for playing with 2 strong, dry scents on one of the hottest, most humid days this year (either that or call me wimp, LoL!!). I am intriegued by your description of the new variation – soft(er) incense with touches of amber, tabac, and sandalwood… Sounds a little more my speed. I have worn the Tauer incense rose in the heat and enjoy the bloom more than in the winter, where it’s just dried up wood. Have also worn Ambre Noir in the warm weather with great results.
    So glad to year you’re able to make productivity headways and looking forward to trying the new Jour Ensoleille and Gardenia!
    Have a great week.

  2. Hi Ann,

    I like that imagery of discovering an enchanted spot while en route on another journey, taking a side-trip. Maybe there’s a name in that thought. 🙂

    I had really hoped to just soften ET a bit while substituting the new moss and labdanum, but so far my attempts at softening are too boring unless I spark it up into something I like again with new notes and then it becomes something entirely different, like this new amber incense scent. I’m not sure yet what I’m doing with the original (still toying with it), but I like this offshoot!

    I thought I was the only nut playing with incense in the middle of summer, lol! Bet those two really did smoke you out today. I think this new one will be more versatile. Thanks for your thoughts!

  3. Hi Laurie,

    that sounds like a lovely accident! I like the analogy of discovering a beautiful spot on a walk, perhaps one nobody else has seen.

    You’ve used French names before, perhaps there’s one for this. Maybe ‘Chance Heureuse’ (happy chance) or ‘Bonheur Prive’ (private happiness). Or even ‘Chemin Heureux’ (happy path). I expect you can come up with something better though 😉



    1. Oooo – I meant “intrigued” – scratch that “e” (hate it when I do that!)
      Glad to be of service – if only “by chance!”

  4. Hi Tania,

    Those are all great ideas! I have a hard time with names. I had hoped to use an English version for this one, but names often sound prettier in French. I like all three of those ideas, especially the “path to a happy place” imagery. I’ll try to think of a pretty way to phrase that in English, if possible. Thanks!

    Hi Ann,

    Actually “By Chance” is cute, lol! Don’t fret about typos, that’s so easy to do…

  5. Hi, Laurie –

    No ideas for a name, but the new fragrance sounds wonderful! I’ve been thinking about a new amber for fall.

    Really enjoy your blog.

  6. Hi Rosarita,

    Thanks for stopping by! I like woodsy and/or incense ambers more than vanilla/heliotrope types, so this appeals to me. It’s much gentler than ET though and (at least for me) it has that yummy aspect amber should have.

    Glad you’re enjoying the blog!

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