Next Letter in Series with Mandy on Nathan’s Blog

Nathan has posted the second exchange in the series of letters between Mandy and me (note: I have removed this link because Nathan’s blog no longer exists). I’m excited that my first forest mod is about done. It’s earthy and woodsy, and I think it does feel like a forest. I will see what testers think. They may want more needle notes to extend longevity of the green tones, but I don’t want it to veer toward pine-sol. I like how the hemlock adds some green forest notes without that bathroom cleaner vibe, and I’m willing to sacrifice longevity of the green tones in exchange for a prettier overall scent. I could try other green notes to accompany the hemlock, but the hemlock is about as high as i think I can go right now. It has light touches of floral notes (violet and jasmine absolute) along with lots of earth, cedar, and sandalwood. Mandy and I are currently exchanging some ingredient samples and will probably write about our impressions of those in the next post. It’s been a fun project!

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