New Wood Violet Fragrance

I just listed the new Wood Violet fragrance on the site so you’d know what is coming.  I’ve been working on it for about four months and it should be ready for purchase soon.  It has notes of violet, plum, cedar, cinnamon, clove, sandalwood, vetiver, violet leaf, and musk.  It opens with lush plumy violet and dries into a cedary violet with plum and very soft spices.

I also divided the fragrances into two groups: the Boutique Collection, which will be made available to boutiques after the new edp boxes are here, and the Studio Collection, which will only be offered through the Sonoma Studio. 

One more fragrance joined the Studio Collection: Egyptian Musk.  It’s a classic soft egyptian musk that’s especially nice in summer and is availabe in edp, oil, or shea cream

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  1. I’m so glad Wood Violet is getting great feedback from testers. I need to send a sample out to three people who tested earlier versions; I like to make sure testers get to try the final scent as a thanks for providing input along the way. I’ll send those three people emails (in case you’re reading and wondering!). I should have it ready to go within a week or so.

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