New Voile de Violette

I know you’re very busy with the holidays, but I wanted to let you know about our newest addition to the scent list.  Voile de Violette is a unique violet and iris fragrance with woodsy base notes of cedar, vetiver, tonka, myrrh, and musk.  The tonka gives just a hint of tabac to the scent and some violet leaf adds freshness.

The original Voile de Violette was a soft musk scent with a touch of violet, and we’d had some requests to increase the violet component a little bit.  I sent out a few samples early in the year of a new violet scent that had an orris base, but it seemed too masculine to replace VdV.   Over the last six months I’ve developed this new VdV blend and have had great feedback from testers on this.  It has more violet and less musk than the original VdV, but it also has more woods, a hint of green, and just a bit of spice.  The original VdV can still be done by special arrangement for those who miss it, but this one suits the name better with a stronger violet/iris accord.  This fragrance is still in character with the original vision for VdV though: soft non-powdery violet and iris accompanied by woods and musk.

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