New reviews and new Egyptian Musk lotion option

There’s a nice review of Opal and Femme Jolie today on I Smell Therefore I Am. Thanks Abby!

I just added Egyptian Musk as an option for the Body Silk lotion. The EM scent is a bit too light in the heavier shea cream, but it is strong, long lasting, and true in the lighter Body Silk lotion so that’s a nice new option.

Lots to do but I’ll update again this weekend…

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  1. Hi Laurie,

    If I can’t really smell the EM edp (too bad for me–I know others love it) do you think I’ll be able to smell the lotion?


  2. Nope, I don’t think that’d help. The EM is one that people either smell or don’t. It’s a light musk that some people love and others can’t smell at all or can barely smell. I always suggest sampling this one first and the format (oil vs esp vs lotion) probably won’t help someone smell it better or longer, though the oil is slightly more concentrated than edp or lotion. Whether you smell it is just a function of those pesky huge musk molecules! It does make a great lotion though for those who do smell it. Don’t be sad though — plenty of other scents out there!

  3. Just got my package of Fireside and the samples of Femme Jolie, Opal and Sienna Musk. The samples are all lovely, especially the Sienna Musk which I think is my favorite. Femme Jolie reminds me of an old love, Serge Lutens Bois et Fruit – it’s very well done and delicious! Thanks so much for including the samples.

  4. Hi Tara,

    Thanks for feedback! Glad you like Sienna Musk and Femme Jolie. The spices in Sienna Musk make it nice this time of year. Many people find Femme Jolie is reminiscent of SL Feminite du Bois or Bois et Fruits, which are in the same family and of course inspired a lot of scents that came after them. I still need to try the parfum form of SL FdB, which sounds interesting! Happy sniffing and thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  5. I’m wearing my Sienna Musk sample today, so wonderful! It is softer and easier to wear than CdG Avignon, with which it seems to share some notes. Can’t wait to sniff the ET, the floral notes you mention sound appealing, hope it works out!

  6. Hi Tara,

    So far I’m keeping the floral notes in ET just below the radar and they seem to add some nice things to it that way. The drydown has a dry sort of peppery spicy aspect and the frankincense seems to last well for me. The drydown has prominent sandalwood and amber with the incense. I tried vetiver and rose (separately) but don’t think I like either of those additions so far. I’ll keep narrowing this down.

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