New Release: Fig Tree

Fig Tree is now available in perfume, lotion, and shea cream. I’m releasing it now as part of the Exclusive Collection, but it will probably move to the Boutique Collection in spring. The price will need to increase at that time to be able to wholesale it, but this will give people a chance to get it at a discount until then. There’s plenty of time to sample first to see if you like it. This fig is a mood-lifter for me with its combination of green, fruity, woodsy, and creamy notes. It brings to mind a summer fig tree, but I’m releasing it now because it is so nice in shea cream and I always do the shea in fall and winter (shea doesn’t ship well in summer). Hope it finds some fans! 🙂

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  1. Oh Yeah! Fig! I can’t wait to test this one. I liked those early mods a lot, so I have my fingers crossed. And I’ll want some of the shea too. Congrats on another new release!!

    1. Thank you Ann! This is only the second release for 2011 (To Dream was the other), so I;m glad it’s out. I’d love to get the vintage-inspired scent out before the end of 2011 too. I had a breakthrough on it two days ago, so I’m hoping it will not be long now. Thanks for stopping by the blog today!

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