New Lotion/Cream Packaging

The Body Silk Lotion now comes in black bottles with pumps, pictured above. I think they look elegant and the pumps are convenient to use, so I’m hoping people will like them. I’ll see how the feedback goes.

I’m leaving the shea cream in the black jars, but they will have new style labels with the new logo imagery as shown below. The lavender cream has a lavender/black color scheme, the rose cream is rosy pink/black, the fig is green/black, and the unscented and amber are gold/black. I thought the colors and pictures would be fun for each “flavor.” I plan to put the shea cream back on the site the first week of October, provided my label stock comes in time (it should have been here by now but is late).

My new perfume boxes will finally be here on October 1st. There was a minor problem with the first run and that is what caused the delay. I’ll have some exciting news after they arrive. I’m making good progress on the scents and will say more on that soon too.

We’ve been having our last summer fling heat wave here and I’ve been enjoying it. I’m not ready for it to be October though…

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  1. Hi Laurie!

    I just checked out the body products page on your web site; I’m quite excited about the two new shea fragrances. Given our cold winters, I need a good moisturizing body cream, and if it layers well with my fall and winter fragrances, it’s even better.

    Do you think the amber would layer well with a variety of woodsy/oriental/vanilla type perfumes? Of course, if it’s good on its own, that works too.

    I look forward to reading about your new fragrances. Enjoy the rest of your summer-like weather!

    -Ann C.

  2. Hi Ann,

    In general the scents for the creams aren’t as strong and lasting as the perfumes, though the Velvet Rose cream has a very long-lasting scent. I think they would work as layering but I haven’t tried it yet! I’ll have to play around with that. I’m always testing new blends and only have so much arm space, lol.

    Just found out this morning that the label stock was supposedly delivered by UPS last week but I never got it. The label company says it is my job to contact UPS and try to locate the order. Sigh. If they don’t resolve it I will have to find a new supplier because that’s not acceptable. Maybe they will make it right. Will see. Meantime I could have a slight delay in the shea cream while I get new label stock one way or another.

    1. Hi again AnnC,

      I’ve been thinking about your question, and it’s something I should test because layering lotion under scent is a common thing people like to do in winter. The unscented Body Silk is great for layering under any scent just as a moisturizer because it truly has no scent. The Amber should work as a general layering scent in either shea or lotion, but I’ll need to hear feedback on that. The Amber is the scent most likely to be used that way since it’s a basic blending note. I’ve heard of several people blending the lavender and rose lotion scents together, and some people like the Egyptian Musk lotion under perfume. I’ll keep this question in mind! Thanks!

  3. Laurie;

    OH! I can’t wait for the fig shea cream to come out. I’ll have to make sure to order 2 jars for myself. And I can’t wait to smell the new fall scent. Is that the amber? I hope so. Well, it seems like you’ve been doing some really good work. Good luck finishing it up and I hope you find a good label vendor soon. ~Ann

    1. Hi AnnS! I have to send a couple testers of the fig out today. I changed it a little bit more and think it’s done. It’ll be fun because it’s different than anything on my list. The amber is not the fall scent, though I hope to finish that amber you are thinking of too. Hard to keep track of all the projects in progress, lol. This is just an amber for lotion/cream. The fall scent is a vintage-inspired one. I think you sniffed a mod of the vintage last year when I sent out testers. I’ve changed it since then — almost ready for the next round of testers.

      Just heard back from the label folks and they’ll re-send the order while UPS hunts for the missing package, so all is well. It’ll just be a week delay…

      The fig jar label turned out really cute. I’ll be posting pics of the jar labels on the website Body Shop page when I get a chance.

      Hope all’s well with you!

  4. There are so many SSS fragrances I want to buy for myself but I just purchased LdR and CdB (which I am loving and they last forever!). My husband reminds me daily of my 30 bottles of fragrances scattered throught the house! Yet, I do not think he would protest if I bought some body butter (for Christmas) as it is always nice to have a wife with soft skin! 🙂 The fig and lavender sound divine! Decisions,decisions…..(maybe both :)!!!)

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