New Jour Ensoleillé Review

There’s a beautiful review of Jour Ensoleillé today on Parfümieren. Thank you, Olenska! Your writing has drawn me in and I must explore your blog more. I’m so glad to have discovered it! I’m also happy that Jour Ensoleillé has been receiving some reviews lately.

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  1. I agree whole-heartedly with you about the writing. I luckily discovered her blog from a blog roll of a blog roll of a… Really beautiful, lyrical writing and wonderful review of JE. I’m glad she’s a fellow SSS lover! I’ve bookmarked her now.

    1. It’s neat how blogs have given a forum for talented writers to reach an audience so easily. Many times I find out about a blog because of an SSS review but then find so much more to enjoy there. Fun! 🙂

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