New Fig Tree Reviews, and Update

Reviews of Fig Tree perfume and shea cream were just posted on The Non-Blonde and Perfume Pharmer. Thanks Gaia and Monica!

I spent over half the day going to Best Buy to replace my failed internet connection — my mifi device refused to start when I woke up this morning I was back online by noon, but fell a bit behind today and am still catching up.

Most testers have been very enthusiastic about the latest mod of the vintage-inspired scent. It has a stronger floral character with an added mimosa note. When I work on formulas, I usually start by making very small batches using ingredients diluted in alcohol. Once the formula is close to done, I switch to larger batches using full-strength ingredients (though I still use dilutions for the strongest items, like aldehydes). I always have to spend a bit of time on that conversion. Once it is done, I can scale the formula to any batch size and it’ll come out the same. I’m busy working on the formula conversion and final stages on this vintage-inspired scent. I also have a men’s scent in the works.

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    1. Hi Bellatrix! Testers vary from scent to scent and with people’s schedules. Some friends usually test, and then I ask other acquaintances if I think the type of scent fits their interests. If I have time I like to get one or two dozen people to give it a try, just to see how it varies on different skins and to different noses. Sometimes I only have time for around 10 people though. I’m not very scientific about it, I’m afraid…. I sure do appreciate the feedback!

    1. Yes, and yes! Sometimes I will reduce one component, like a musk, if it is too high for some people. Or I may adjust sweetness. During the final stages of Incense Pure, testers actually wanted a little more sweetness, so I added some more vanilla absolute.

      I usually get the basic idea for a formula and then send just a couple early testers to see if the idea is viable. Then I disappear and work on it for a while, usually months. Then I send testers again for what I hope is the final formula, and just make tweaks if needed. Sometimes it can be hard to interpret the input when it is conflicting, but it always helps.

  1. The more I wear Fig Tree, the more I love it; I’m glad that it’s getting the appreciation it deserves!

    It’s the fig scent that’s converted me, and I’ve been searching for the right fig-note for a couple years 🙂

  2. hi laurie,

    I’m happy your new fig scent is getting rave reviews. I’m patiently waiting for the summer scent. If I could remember which mod I liked best B or C I would love a bottle now!!!

    1. Hi Beth,
      I was just thinking about you this week. I’m so sorry I haven’t had time to get back to that formula, but I will. I had to try to finish this vintage-inspired now because it is right for the cold months. I can look back to remember which version of the summer scent you liked; I have that in my notes. To make a custom bottle takes quite a few hours because I have to weigh out all the ingredients one by one and that was a long formula. It’s totally doable but that’s one hazard of being a tester — falling in love with a formula before I put it out there. I’m happy to do special bottles for people as I can fit them in, but I’ve just been so swamped. Will send you an email. I may have 5 ml of that version left that could tide you over for a little bit.

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