New 17 ml Bottles, and Lovely Incense Pure Review

I haven’t wanted to mention this and jinx it before the shipment arrived, but I just received new 17 ml bottles that are an upgrade from the ones I have been using. They are the same shape and about the same size, but they have much nicer, thicker glass and they take a better spray pump. The tops sit much straighter than those on the old bottles. The new bottles are imported from France. They still have screw pumps, not crimp, and they still fit my boxes. They are very similar in style to what I had but look classier. I got them yesterday, just in time to bring a few to the show. I will put them on the site next week (I need to take photos).

There was a beautiful post several days ago on ParfĂĽmieren that contained a review of Incense Pure. Thank you, Olenska! I learn so much from the posts there; the historical topics are fascinating and deeply researched.

Hope all who go to the SF show have a great time!

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