Need more skin testing space…

I’m testing trials of amber noir tonight and am out of skin space, lol. I know this is a common problem for lots of fragrance lovers and it is worse in winter with longer sleeves (we’re having another cold snap right now with frost expected tonight). I go around the house with my sleeves pushed up to my elbows to get more testing space even though I’m the sort who likes snuggly warm clothes this time of year, cold wimp that I am.

I need another day or two to consider ambre noir before adding it back to the list. I’ll probably leave it as is or just do a small tweak to add the cistus, and then I’ll add another amber-based scent later that would be quite different and would feature the cistus more. Before deciding on that I’ll take another day or two to sniff these trials.

I didn’t get time to test ET again but I think I may be about decided on the first tester to send for some opinions. It’s close enough to the original to be a reasonable reformulation, but I think it’s smoother and more complex. I need to sniff one more time, as soon as I have the skin space…

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  1. Hi Andrea,

    Lol! I may take you up on that! Thanks! 🙂

    I think I’ll leave AN for now and get it back on the list within the next few days, then take more time to consider a cistus amber addition.

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